Monday, 1 June 2015

DisneyWorld Florida | Hints & Tips for the Parks |

**If you're a Disney Resort Guest, make the most of extra magic hours!**

Go to the parks early - make the most of your time in Disney, you don't want to regret it! 
The heat and business takes it toll, so don't burn yourself out by doing too much in one day. We found breaking up the day worked very well for us. We went to a park at 8 and came back at 1 for a rest and shower. We then headed out again in the late afternoon/evening to another park once we were refreshed and it had cooled down a bit.


Book your fast passes in advance as you'll find the most popular rides are unavailable at your desired time. If you change your mind, you can edit your fast pass attractions and times. HINT: If you do happen to get to your fast pass attraction which has hardly any waiting time - don't use your fast pass! Go on the ride through the stand-by entrance and change your fast pass option to another attraction for the same time!

Also, we found booking them for the earliest/latest times and one after another worked very well as we didn't have to pack out our time!


Seriously. On the first day we went to the Magic Kingdom and I took my handbag. I never did again. Instead I took my Minnie Mouse backpack and it was the best decision. When you're in a busy park with hustle and bustle and going on rides and meeting characters, there is no point in taking round an awkward. large and heavy handbag. Plus, compared to my handbag, I packed a lot into my backpack and it wasn't heavy on my shoulders!

|| FOOD ||

The kids meals were more than enough for me, so find your bearings with food on the first day, don't waste money on food you won't eat. Also, forget the myths about food being expensive in the parks - it really isn't! $12 for an adult burger, chips and side salad is not expensive compared to here in Britain!

If you're looking for somewhere to eat quickly, check the My Disney Experience App and search for dining according to preferences such as cheap to expensive places or location or cuisine.

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