Monday, 8 June 2015

Cute Summer Sandals | Primark |

I know it might not look like it when you look outside your windows, but Summer is on its way! That means getting all of your Summer clothes and accessories ready for the British sunshine and also getting ready for those Summer getaways! That's exactly what I've been doing - a few weeks ago I flew home from a trip to Disney World Florida, and whilst shopping for some new bits for my adventure, I found these beautiful sandals in Primark!

Primark Sandals - £8

I love the pink and gold tone straps and the beads and jewels on the straps which make them look ultra girly and pretty - I just couldn't resist them! I must admit they are from the children's section - but the footwear goes up to a size 4 and they were a bargain at £8 so what's not to love?! 

They fasten with a buckle and are a secure fit, so the sandals aren't flapping around being loose and annoying when you're walking. They have a little heel, so they're not dead flat meaning they won't be fit for the bin after a few wears and the sole of the sandal is quite comfy with a soft suede like feel.

I wore these in all the Disney parks and out and about at night and they were absolutely beautiful. Not only do they go with practically everything I have (because they're pink and girly) but they also made my feet feel pretty and they're quite comfortable (even though I hate having my feet out).

I love these - they were a perfect edition to my Disney trip and made me feel like a Princess!

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  1. Hi, great blog. I LOVE these sandles. Gorgeous!!! :-)


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